Congested Corridor Improvement Program (CCIP)
PENNDOT Districts 3-0, 4-0

Project Location:
SR 0015 (Lycoming County), SR 0011 (Columbia County),
SR 0029 (Wyoming County)

Project Description:
Corridor studies, traffic simulation modeling, alternative analysis

Engineering Activities:
Grove Miller Engineering, Inc. was selected by PENNDOT’s Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering as the prime consultant for the CCIP projects in PENNDOT Districts 3-0 and 4-0. The ultimate goal of the CCIP was to reduce peak hour travel time on the improved corridor by 20 percent. Traffic engineering activities included collecting traffic data including turning movement counts, automatic traffic recorder counts and travel time and delay studies; developing future design year traffic projections, analyzing future design year traffic demands, conducting accident analyses, preparing traffic simulation modeling, recommending preliminary and preferred alternatives including intersection, corridor and traffic control improvements; performing benefit-cost ratio evaluations, presenting study report results and recommendations to municipal, county and state officials, and documenting findings in technical memoranda. A total of fifteen (15) intersections along the three (3) corridors were analyzed.