Carlisle Hospital Complex

Project Location:
South Middleton Township, Cumberland County, PA

Project Description:
Preparation of Traffic Impact Study for proposed 225,000 square foot hospital and 60,000 square foot medical office building to assess impacts of traffic generated by the proposed hospital complex.

Engineering Activities:
Grove Miller Engineering, Inc. completed traffic impact studies for the relocation of the Carlisle Hospital Complex from Carlisle Borough to South Middleton Township. The new complex included a hospital and a medical office building. Traffic engineering activities included collecting traffic data, documenting trip generation potential of the complex, distributing site generated trips, developing future design year traffic projections, analyzing future design year traffic demands, performing accident analyses, recommending roadway and traffic control improvements, and presenting study report results and recommendations to municipal and state officials. Seven (7) off-site intersections, as well as three (3) site access locations, within the study area were analyzed in conjunction with the hospital complex project. Revised traffic signal permit and construction drawings were prepared to incorporate improvement recommendations at study area intersections.